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Cold cocktail selections

Prosciutto, baby mozzarella & rockmelon skewers
Prosciutto & watermelon bites
Mozzarella bocconcini and cherry tomatoes Skewers with pesto sauce
Traditional bruschetta, freshly toast bread served with baby cherry tomatoes, garlic, basil and extra virgin olive oil
Italian bruschetta, freshly toast bread served with a mix of cherry tomatoes, auricchio cheese, garlic & basil

Spanish bruschetta, freshly toast bread served with cherry tomatoes, avocado, red onions, chilly

Crepes with ricotta , spinach and nutmeg

Warm cocktail selections freshly cook in a traditional stone oven

Field mushrooms marinated with Domenico’s sauce and cooked in the wood fired oven
Fresh figs, blue vein cheese & optional prosciutto (seasonal)        
Capsicum stuffed with feta cheese, olives and herbs
Mozzarella balls stuffed with ham, coated in breadcrumbs           
Traditional Sicilian-style arancini
Zucchini filled with porcini risotto
Prosciutto, Mushroom and Rosemary Skewers
Artichokes, with prosciutto, feta & mint bites
Asparagus and prosciutto
Cocktail chicken wings marinated and roasted in the wood fired oven
Mini chicken kebabs marinated with herbs and spices  
Chicken breast wrapped in pancetta

Chicken breast stuffed with ham and provoletta

Chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto with goat’s cheese spread
Tandoori Chicken skewers
Chicken Tikka kebabs marinated in yogurt and spices
Chicken or Pork Ginger & Lime Kebabs
Portuguese Chicken skewers
Arancini made with risotto Arborio, ragu and peas
Skewers of fresh sausages and chicken marinated overnight with capsicum
Pork mini balls with silver beat and sage served with apple sauce
Pork and lemongrass skewers
Braciole, veal involtini, with aromatic breadcrumb, ham and provoletta (Italian sweet cheese)
Beef fillets wrapped in prosciutto
Beef fillets wrapped in pancetta and wasabi mayo
Lamb kebabs marinated with yoghurt, herbs and garlic  
Moroccan Lamb skewers
Veal scaloppine rolled with prosciutto and herbs on skew, cooked in the wood fired oven and served with white wine sauce
Lamb cutlets marinated and roasted in the wood fired oven
Lamb cutlets marinated in honey and mustard, crumbed in pistachio
Squid on a skewer marinated in lemon, spices and herbs
Paella skewers: chorizo, King prawns & capsicum
Spiced calamari marinated in chilli, lemon & herbs, served with focaccia
King Prawns on skewer marinated and roasted in the wood fired oven
King Prawns on skewer wrapped in Italian pancetta 

  King Prawns on a skewer coated in coconut and sweet chili sauce dressing
Prosciutto Wrapped Scallops on Rosemary Skewers
Grilled Sicilian Style Swordfish Skewers with lemon wedges and rosemary dressing (Seasonal)
White fish fillets Ginger & Lime
White fish fillets wrapped with zucchini and drizzled with chilli, parsley, lemon and extra virgin olive oil
White fish fillets wrapped in pancetta and served with extra virgin olive oil, chilli and lemon juice sauce


Fork dishes


Chicken Curry served with basmati rice

Mix of Breads & Pizzas

Focaccia Rock Salt, extra virgin olive oil and fresh rosemary
Mozzarella, tomato, basil
Mozzarella, tomato, basil, Italian sausages
Mozzarella, tomato, basil, assorted fresh vegetables
Mozzarella, tomato, fresh asparagus, cherry tomato, basil
Mozzarella, tomato, pumpkin and sausages
Mozzarella, tomato, prosciutto
Tomato, tuna and onions
Mozzarella, tomato, potatoes, sausages
Mozzarella, tomato, ham, mushrooms
Mozzarella, tomato, Italian sausages, rocket
Mozzarella, tomato, anchovies, Kalamata olives
Dessert pizza, nutella and fruit of season


Chicken & chorizo paella   
Prawn, chicken and chorizo paella

Something Sweet

Sweet calzoni
Crepe with Nutella
Gelato serve
Dessert Pizza, Nutella and fruit of season
Crepes with Nutella and strawberries

Pannacotta with homemade berries sauce

Gelato bar: Freshly made artisan Gelato, served in a cup with whipped cream, wafer biscuits,

fresh fruit and chocolate or liqueur sauce

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